Augmented Staffing:
Panacea for Force
Majeures in Software Development
Facing a risk of closing a project due to any force majeure, be it quarantine, governmental decree or alike? Scroll down to find your medicine against such cases.

The whole world now faces a huge challenge we can overcome only if we stay united and do our best, and this challenge is COVID-19.

This force majeure pandemic caused the interruption of millions of businesses and led to the loss of jobs by millions of people globally.
Oil, transportation, sales and other industries are reaching the bottom as they lose customers and profits.

But there is one area where the risks are lower or well-controlled, and this is the Information Technologies and its subdomain, Software Development.Businesses in this domain are feeling more or less good, though some reductions are reported.
What makes this industry capable of withstanding danger and coping with such difficult challenges?
The answer is Augmented Staffing and Distributed Teams.
The е -book written by myself and offered here, serves as an introduction and a practical guide to these notions and approaches,
and it will help your business reduce impact even if the point is not about SARS-CoV-2.
Going digital as
a precondition to exist
Hiring a remote
software developer
Where to hire remote developers
& teams and what to consider
Methodologies and tools
for efficient remote team management
Tips & answers to
frequently asked questions
Going digital as
a precondition to exist
How do digital businesses differ from the traditional ones and why not
opting for becoming digital can put an end to a business? Answer to this and more questions are laid down in this very first chapter.
Hiring a remote software developer: busting the common myths and fears
Outsourcing, Outstaffing, Augmented Staff Providers, Remote Teams etc. — are the key factors of the IT
industry survival
during the global quarantine.
Read this chapter to find out why it is so and which myths and fears these terms have and how to bust them.
Where to hire remote developers & teams
and what to consider
If you don't know where to look for remote developers who would finish your software project while sitting on the other end of the planet, and have no idea how to properly choose them and what can go wrong during the hiring process, check this chapter out - it has the right answers.
Methodologies and tools
for efficient remote
team management
Setting up a remote team does not mean it will be efficient.
You need to use the right methodologies and tools
to configure the team
and drive it to success, and this
chapter will help you choose the needed ones and tell you
how exactly to use them.
Tips & answers to
frequently asked questions
Life is an unstable thing and everything can go in a different way.
That is why nobody can foresee answers and solutions to all questions and issues. But this chapter tries to embrace the most interesting and frequent questions and to provide the most relevant tips that can help settle a lot of issues.
I'm Nick Nagatkin, and I'm a professional business strategist.
My key helpers are strong technical backgrounds (Masters degree Software Engineering, and past experienceof participating in over
200 IT projects); experience in building multiple successful IT products, including but not limited to the projects accomplished for such business giants as PwC, BlaBlaCar, Warner Bros., etc.; authorship of the methods and technologies of remote team setup and remote project management; experience in building a multimillion business developing IT products by means of remote teams; experience of successful management of remote teams consisting of up to 100 people.
A Practical Guide to the Galaxy of Augmented Staffing, Remote Teams, & Other Scary Software Development Things
The e-book intended to familiarize the readers with the world of IT Outsourcing and Outstaffing and serve as a handbook containing answers to most common questions and tips for most common situations that can occur when a business needs to set up a remote software development team.
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