On the conclusion of the information consulting contract

The text below is a public contract between PE Nagatkin Nikita Olegovich (hereinafter - the Executor)
and an indefinite number of persons who are users of information and advisory services provided by the
Executor (hereinafter - Users) and have accepted the terms of this agreement by confirming agreement
with the terms of the public offer the method specified in this Treaty.
1. General provisions.
1.1. This agreement defines the conditions for the provision of information and consulting services to an
indefinite number of persons by the Executor, by posting information materials on the Executor Website
and providing the Users with access to the relevant materials.
1.2. This Contract is a public offer (in accordance with Article 633, 641 and Chapter 63 of the Civil
Code of Ukraine), its terms are the same for all users regardless of their legal status (natural person, legal
entity, natural person - entrepreneur).
1.3. The User gains access to the information and consultative materials of the Executor solely as a
result of clear and unconditional expression of his / her consent to this public offer.
2. Terms and definitions
2.1. Information Materials - An electronic file in one of the following formats: pdf, fb2, epub, ppt, or any
other readable format that contains information material in accordance with the description posted on the
respective Executor Website.
2.2. User - a natural person who has reached the age of eighteen years old, who receives information
from the Executor, places orders for Information materials presented on the Executor Website for non-
business purposes, or a legal entity / natural person-entrepreneur.
2.3. Executor Website - A collection of pages accessed through a web browser and software modules
integrated into a single management system, located on the Internet at, and
containing all the features of a public offering with searching and ordering information materials.
2.4. Order - executed and placed application of the User addressed to the Executor for access to
information materials, agreement with the terms of this Agreement and willingness to pay for information
and consulting services.
2.6. The Order form - is the section of the Executor Website through which the User orders the
Information Materials and confirms the agreement with the terms of this public offer.
3. The subject of the contract
3.1. The provision of information and Advisory services under this Agreement is expressed in the
interaction between the Executor and Users in the process of ordering the last of the relevant services via
the Executor Website, and is based on the desire, the willingness and ability of Users to use the services
of search and order information materials and also on the desire of the Executor to provide the Buyer with
the information he needs, by providing access to information materials.
3.2. The Executor shall provide the User with the following information and consulting services:
3.2.1. Providing access to information materials in the field of programming and organization of the work
of a team of developers, developed and published by the Executor on a Web page and submitted for
review by the User for a fee exclusively on the terms and in the manner provided in this Agreement.
Gain access to information through any other sources that provide access to information materials without
the Executor's consent as the copyright holder, is a direct violation of the rights of the Executor as author
and owner of property rights to information materials and is not responsible for any legal consequences
which arise as a result of conclusion of this agreement, except those related to the reimbursement by
Executor for material and moral damage.
3.2.2. The time of granting of information-consulting services under this agreement is receipt by the User
of access to information materials, that is, the User receives the technical ability to download and/or open
and read the content. The obligation of the Executor to provide information services is completed in full
with receipt of User access information and materials.
3.3. The information and consulting services provided under this agreement are advisory and informative
and do not declare exclusively the correct algorithms, principles and tips for software development and
organization of development teams. All tips and examples contained in the information materials are
based on the Executors's personal experience and open source information and express the subjective
opinion of the Executor. The Executor assumes no responsibility for the results of the use by the Users of
the knowledge and skills acquired as a result of the consumption of information services. The Executor
shall not be liable for any other consequences of the users' access to the information materials.
3.4. The User agrees to the terms of this Agreement at the time of ordering by clicking on the "Confirm
Order" button, which expresses confirmation by the User of the fact of reading the text of this Agreement
and agreeing to its terms. In the future, the objection of the User to the granting of his consent thus
relieves the Executor of any responsibility for failure to comply with the terms of this contract and leaves
the Executor the right to cancel the Order unilaterally.
4. The ordering information services via a Executor Website
4.1. The user must place the Order yourself using a Executor Website, on the terms of this Agreement.
The user places the Order on the Web page by filling out the Order form on the Ordering of services. The
description, contents and price information services in the form of information materials, access to which
is granted under this Agreement are defined in the appropriate section of the Executor Website.
4.2. During the filling of the Order form for Ordering information and Advisory services, the User must
provide the following information:
● Name, surname;
● email;
● a contact phone number;
● other means of communication.
4.3. The user is responsible for the accuracy when ordering information. In case of errors and/or
providing incomplete information in the fields "Name", "Surname", "phone Number" and others, the
service provider is exempt from liability for improper execution of the order.
4.4. After ordering and confirmation of consent with the conditions of the public offer, the User gets
access to the payment system for payment of information services. The User can access informational
materials is provided only after the Executor receives confirmation of payment and information services.
4.5. Detailed information about the order with indication of name, price, descriptions, information
materials, and the amount to be paid will be sent to the Buyer's email after payment.
4.6. The user is personally responsible for any actions performed on the Executor Website under its
account and on its behalf.
4.7. The Executor has the right to refuse the User the use of information services, if he / she has reason to
believe that the User has provided incorrect information, as well as subject to dishonest behavior (for
example, breach of the terms of this contract, etc.).
4.8. Use of the Executor Website is prohibited in any illegal or prohibited activity. Users agree to abide
by the laws of Ukraine and the standards of conduct adopted on the Internet.
5. Price of services and payment procedure
5.1. The User pays for information services in the amount specified in the relevant section of the
Executor Website on prepayment via the LiqPay payment system to the Executor 's account, including a
commission of 2,75% of the amount of the order, which is paid at the same time as the payment for the
order, but is not included in the amount of services.
5.2. The total cost of the Order, including the full cost of the Executor 's information services, is equal to
the amount payable and indicated on the Website at checkout and at the time of payment of the Order
through the LiqPay payment system.
6. The Privacy and protection of personal data
6.1. While filling out the Order form on the Web page By the User holds personal and contact details
specified in clause 4.2. of this agreement, but are not limited to them.
6.2. By submitting your personal data to the Executor Website when placing the Order, the User gives his
consent to processing and use (including transfer) of their personal data without restriction of period of
validity of such consent in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On protection of personal data".
6.3. Executor uses this personal information to provide services specified in this agreement, to promote
the services provided by the Executor, including through systems of automated processing of personal
6.4. The Executor undertakes not to disclose the received information from the User. Not considered a
violation of the provision of Executor information to agents and third parties acting under contract with
Executor, including for the execution of obligations towards the User, as well as in cases when the
disclosure of such information fixed by the law.
6.5. If the User does not wish to continue to process personal data, the User must apply to the Executor. In
this case, the User will not be able to continue to enjoy the services of the Executor without providing re-
consent to the processing of personal data.
6.6. The user is responsible for keeping their personal data up to date. The Executor shall not be
responsible for substandard performance of its obligations in connection with actually information about
the User or the inadequacy of its reality.
7. Copyright
7.1. The copyright in the information materials accessed by the Users, as well as any related rights
related to the use of such materials, belong to the individual Nagatkin Nikita Olegovich, who directly
provides information services through the Website by providing paid access to the information materials.
7.2. By granting access to the information materials, the Executor grants the User permission to use the
information materials exclusively for personal purposes only. Any distribution, copying, reproduction of
information materials obtained under this Agreement without the express and express consent of the
Executor is a violation of the copyright and related rights of the Executor and entails civil liability of the
User and / or other guilty person in the form of compensation of direct and indirect damages inflicted on
the Executor of illegal distribution, copying and reproduction of information materials. The prosecution
of the offender in civil liability does not release the Executor from the right to apply to the law
enforcement agencies for the purpose of bringing the offender to criminal or administrative responsibility.
7.3. Any public citation of the information materials and their use by the User and third parties is
allowed only on condition that the information materials with the authorship of the Executor are
8. Responsibility of the parties
8.1. The Parties shall be liable for the violation of the terms of this Agreement provided for by the
current legislation of Ukraine and this Agreement.
8.2. The Executor shall not be liable for damage caused to the User as a result of improper use of the
results of consumption of information services by the User.
8.3. The parties shall be released from liability for failure or improper performance of obligations under
this Agreement for the duration of force majeure circumstances.
8.4. All disputes and disputes arising from the fulfillment by the Parties of obligations under this
Agreement shall be settled through negotiations. In the event of their impossibility of elimination, the
Parties have the right to apply to the national courts of Ukraine for protection of their rights and interests
in accordance with the procedural legislation of Ukraine in force at the time of the dispute.
9. Other conditions
9.1. This agreement is concluded in the territory of Ukraine and is subject to the substantive and
procedural law of Ukraine.
9.2. The Agreement is effective from the moment of its conclusion, ie from the moment of acceptance
(acceptance) of the Agreement by the User, in the manner stipulated by this Agreement.
9.3. The Agreement shall remain in force until the Parties have fully fulfilled their obligations under the
9.4. The invalidity of any clause or part of this agreement shall not lead to the invalidity of the contract
as a whole.
9.5. The Executor shall have the right to make changes to the text of this Agreement at its sole discretion
at any time and without prior notice to the Users. The current (current) version of the contract is always
available on the Executor Website.
9.6. The parties may terminate the Agreement by mutual agreement, which shall be terminated in
electronic correspondence between the parties.
10. Details of the Executor
Resident of Ukraine. Individual entrepreneur Nagatkin Nikita Olegovich
Individual code: 3515512998
Tax code: 155314059358
Tax status: Group 3 single tax payer
The place of residence is registered at: 65039, Ukraine, Odessa city, SEGEDSKA st., building 1,
apartment 12.

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